Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our First Elected Official

I’m proud to announce that Ellie has been elected to student council!


On Monday she came home and told me she wanted to run for student council and she jotted down some ideas for her platform.  She will take good notes, be a good listener, she is responsible and respectful, and will show everyone how awesome first graders are.  Her ending line was “I, Ellie, am kind.  Please vote for me”.  Can’t argue with that!

Thursday, after school, she worked on her poster and then practiced giving her speech to me (and Austin and Riley and anyone who would listen).  I have to say, she’s a natural at speaking in front of groups (she gets that from Rob; that is NOT my forte!).  She keeps good eye contact, speaks loudly, and covers any blunders with a zinger and a smile.

On Friday, Rob left her a note in the morning saying “good luck” and I put her on the bus with a pep talk about being a good sport and how we’re proud that she’s trying no matter what.  I was thinking about her all day and when she finally came home and her and Austin were whispering when they walked in the door I knew it was good news!  She said she won by one vote.  But then she told me her alternate also won by one vote and she listed about 10 kids that tried out so I’m not sure who all was left to vote!

Either way, way to go Ellie!

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