Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Trails

Riley had her last horse riding lesson a couple weeks ago.  She was pretty sad to say “good-bye” to her horse, Lucy.  It was more bitter sweet for me.  I’m glad she enjoyed the lessons so much, but I will not miss the 70 minute round trip drive or the unorganized fashion in which the lessons were conducted.

During her third lesson (which had to be rescheduled because the owner never showed up for the scheduled day!) I decided Riley was probably just too young.  Lucy was in charge and Riley was just along for the ride.  I gave her a pep talk on the way to the fourth, and final, lesson about taking charge of her horse and she did MUCH better.  She was weaving Lucy around barrels and walking over logs and “through the chute”.


Granted this was all accomplished at a snail’s pace but even so, she was in control.

Riley loved everything about these lessons (except the electric fence around Lucy’s pasture which scared the pants off her!).  The place has about 40 horses, 8 cats, 2 goats, 2 pigs, and about 5 dogs.  Riley was in heaven.  The Groupon price was worth it, but the actual price of the lessons, although the cheapest I’ve found, is just not worth the chaos that accompanies this place.


So, it was a sad farewell to Lucy.  Hopefully when Riley is a little older we’ll find another place where she can ride.

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