Monday, October 7, 2013


Last week Austin moved on, in karate, to his Advanced Blue Belt.  The puts him about half-way to achieving a black belt.  It’s always fun to go to the graduations and see how far he (and other students) have progressed.  And it’s always impressive to watch the black belts working towards a higher degree. 

He had a serious karate game face on during his form:


Karate continues to be a hit or miss activity with Austin (usually depending on whether or not he is playing with friends when I tell him it’s time to go).  It’s not near the struggle it used to be and we’re proud of him for sticking with it even when it’s difficult.  It might be the most important lesson he learns throughout the process.

Here’s when he received his new belt:


As Grand Master Worley stood up from his chair and I moved my legs so he wouldn’t have to step over them he said “Yeah, be careful, I’m clumsy!”  (He is a candidate for his 10th degree black belt right now).  I told him I highly doubted that.  He’s probably in his mid to late fifties.  I wish he would give a demonstration during these graduations so the kids (okay, really for me) could see what a 10th degree black belt can do.

Austin now moves onto my favorite karate form (trust me, I’ve watched a LOT of karate forms over the last 1+ years).  I’m excited about that, and he’s excited I’m excited.  So, everyone’s excited!  Bring it on!

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