Monday, September 23, 2013

Shaking Things Up

This year in school Austin is loaned a book each week that is “just right” for his level.  He is suppose to read it several times throughout the week and on Friday he takes a test on the content.  If he gets 80% or higher he passes and moves on to the next book.  He has to pass a fiction book and a non-fiction book from each level before he moves on to the next level.

Last week his non-fiction title was “How to Make Ice Cream”.  I remember churning ice cream at my Grandma Smith’s house with all the cousins when I was younger and I also remember it being delicious so I told Austin the night before his test that he could read the book out loud to us and we’d do everything he said to see if we could make good ice cream.

We all took turns shaking the bag.  That bag gets COLD so it was passed often.  My kids’ “shaking” faces were cracking me up.




It was an intense job.

But their efforts were worth it.  The ice cream, though extremely low in volume, was delicious!  There were immediate requests to do it again some day soon.

I hope Austin brings home some other instruction books for us.  “How to Win the Lottery” or something along those lines would be nice.

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