Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Ellie walked in the door after school yesterday and said “Mom!  Guess what happened?”

She was so excited I knew it was something fun and I knew immediately that she lost her tooth but I answered “A crocodile showed up at school and read your teacher’s favorite book and then joined you for lunch and sat right next to you and ate your apple but then got a stomach ache…..”  I went on for quite awhile because I knew she was just dying to tell me what really happened.  I’m nice like that.

Honestly, her tooth was not really all that loose.  I didn’t expect that thing to come out until closer to October.  Ellie wanted to lose a tooth so badly that I’m pretty sure she forced it out prematurely.


She is not sure how she lost, but it was at lunch.  She didn’t find her tooth anywhere afterwards so I’m guessing she swallowed it. 

So, maybe not quite as cool as a crocodile showing up at school but she was excited and that’s what counts.

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