Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to School

Yesterday our summer fun came to an end as 2 of the 3 headed back to school.

Austin had mixed emotions about summer ending.  I’d say he was about 90% sad and 10% excited.  At open house he barely talked, which is NOT like him at all.  He only has 2, maybe 3, kids in his class that he knows so I think that made him a little nervous.



Ellie was very excited!  She was excited about her teacher, Ms. Masters (whom Austin had last year in 2nd grade, and also loved).  She was excited that there were 2 kids in her class that she knew, and she was really excited to take part in both gym and art this year!  She’s had her outfit picked out for weeks.


And it was weird just having Riley home with me.  Riley enjoyed her solo time with me for the first 6 hours, but missed her sister (and I’m sure her brother too) after that.  She was less than impressed with our plans to run errands most of the day.  I did take her for a nice long bike ride but that was the extent of our “fun”.

Both kids got off the bus with big smiles and had great first days.  Austin was able to flip-flop his ratios of excitement : sadness and Ellie had a blast in gym.  Ellie was disappointed she didn’t make any new friends but did have her eye on a girl she thought looked really nice and she thinks she’ll ask her today if she wants to be friends.


I’m glad these two enjoyed their first day but I have to say, it’s a little weird around the house without them.

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