Friday, August 30, 2013

My Baby is 5!!!

Riley woke up early on August 9th and crawled in bed with me for a birthday snuggle!  She had to be patient while her brother and sister woke up, but then it was immediately downstairs for presents!  She didn’t even know her birthday was coming up when I mentioned it on Wednesday so that was a fun surprise.



I really struggle trying to find presents for Riley because all she wants is stuffed animals and she already has a million and one of those.  Plus, after already having her family birthday, all the good ideas I had, I gave away to others.  So, she ended up with a new Vikings jersey and a myriad of art supplies.


I did acquiesce to a small stuffed animal purse.  It’s multi-purpose!

After presents we had donuts for breakfast, of course!  Then it was off to Edinborough’s Adventure Peak for some indoor play fun.  Afterwards, we headed to Wild Rumpus Bookstore to check out their animals.  Riley and Ellie loved chasing the chicken around, while Austin snuggled up on a chair with a book on Greek Mythology.  We couldn’t leave that area of Edina without a stop at our (Rob and my) favorite cupcake store.  And from there it was off to McDonald’s for lunch.

We ended the day with a pizza party and a campout in the family room.  And, of course, cupcakes!


A classic Riley look.  Although she is now 5, she is still very much the baby of the family, which I am fine with (except when she uses baby talk, which drives me crazy!).


I have no doubts that she is wishing her parents would get over their hang-up with having too many stuffed animals and just buy some more already!

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