Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Bountiful Harvest

For the first year, since we’ve had the trees, our apple trees finally produced some apples!  Some giant apples!  We just picked them on Monday because some of them were starting to fall off the tree and become food for the critters….while others that were still on the tree were also becoming critter food (birds I guess).  We probably ended up about 12-14 good apples, 5 we threw away, and about 5 more still on the trees.  Two of our apples trees (the Honeycrisp variety) still have yet to produce apples but we’re patient.


We’ve also been enjoying a bumper crop of pole beans, green peppers, and tomatoes.  Well, maybe “bumper crop” doesn’t quite fit the tomatoes this year but Rob says that is because he planted the wrong kind.  Our 2nd round of raspberries is due any week now.  The first crop went mysteriously missing.  I’m fairly certain some hungry kids (not mine) in the area helped themselves.  Oh well.  I think we’re going to transplant some of the shoots to the back yard this fall to start another crop.  One can never have too many raspberries!


Anonymous said...

What kind of apples are the ones shown?

Tracy said...

Those, I belive, are Zestars