Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy 4th!

We had a pretty fun-filled week for the fourth of July!

We spent the actual 4th at my brother’s house.  That party was set to start at 5pm and at around 9am the girls started asking if it was time to go yet.  They just LOVE their cousins!  Everyone spent the evening in their pool before we ate dinner.  Then, it was out to the front street for his neighborhood fireworks display.  It started off innocent enough with the legal MN variety of fireworks.  Austin stood a bit too close to a smoke bomb and suffered a couple small burn blisters on his ankle.  Then we the crew busted out the illegal variety imported from surrounding states Rob questioned their use and had no problem convincing Austin to head inside with him.

After a missile-type firework zipped way too closely over our heads I was okay joining Rob and Austin indoors (the girls were out back playing on the swing set).  We decided to call it a night and headed home before too many of the “big ones” were set off.  Apparently, we missed out on another couple near misses.  I guess home-firework shows are not our thing.

On Friday we headed to West Bend to celebrate the fourth of July with Rob’s hometown.  It is also a reunion of sorts for his brothers and sisters and all the grandkids.  More cousins!!!  My kids were in heaven!  Before we headed to the festivities on Saturday Rob snapped a picture of all the girl cousins:


They were excited to all be wearing skirts.

And the boys:


They were all excited to be playing Minecraft.

The Ankeny Runchey’s didn’t arrive until mid-parade so they aren’t in the pictures…but were definitely present for the festivities. 

After the parade and lunch, we headed to the carnival for some jumpy castle things and games.  This might be the last year the kids are interested in that part.  Austin was not into it this year and even Ellie and Riley were pretty anxious to get to the pool.  Austin and Taylor spent their time jumping off the diving boards while the girls tackled the slide.

Isaac put together a tournament for the grown-ups to play bags.  Sadly, Rob and I were eliminated after our first game.  We were just getting warmed up!  We spent the rest of our time hanging out on the porch cheering on the rest of the groups and catching fireflies with the girls.  Riley REALLY wanted to bring her fireflies home but was finally convinced she should leave them in Iowa to visit next time she is in town.

As usual, it was a great weekend.  Everyone keeps telling me summer is half over now.  I refuse to listen to that nonsense because we have plenty of fun-filled days ahead!

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