Friday, July 26, 2013

Georgia On Our Minds

Back in January I got a hair-brained idea that the kids and I (no Rob) would drive down to Georgia to visit our friends (old neighbors…Mia!) for a week or so.  Yes, I am that crazy.  I had given it a little bit of extra thought and decided that my dad could drive down with us (I’m not sure I ever asked if he wanted to…just assumed he wouldn’t be able to resist 18+ hours in a van with me and the kids) and then I would buy him a ticket from Atlanta back to Minneapolis.  He could then return to Atlanta when it was time to drive home and we’d do it all again, backwards.  In theory, it wasn’t a bad idea.  However, when I went to research how much his ticket was going to cost, I found round-trip tickets for $174.  After you include gas, wear and tear on the car (and my sanity), food stops, and all the bribes I would have to buy my children, I decided at that price it would be cheaper to fly.  So, I booked 4 tickets to Georgia.

We lucked out in that Rob was able to book a work trip to Florida Monday through Friday, and then fly home Friday with a weekend layover in Atlanta.  It still left me flying alone with 3 kids, but at least he was able to enjoy the weekend visit with the Haefner’s! 

Kerry came and picked up the kids and me at 8am on Thursday morning.  We were all ready for our 4 night trip with 2 backpacks, a carry-on, and carseats!


We didn’t have to pack much because Chrissy informed me she had a basketful of clothes for my girls.  Yahoo!  We love Mia’s wardrobe!  The plan was that Rob would shove everything into his extra large suitcase, on his way home, since he can check bags for free.

I have to say, flying wasn’t nearly as hairy as it could have been.  The kids did fantastic!  Even with 3 gate changes in O’Hare.  I was pretty proud of my crew.


And seeing our friends in Georgia was awesome!  They live in Peachtree City which is a really cool community.  They get around mostly by golf carts; to the grocery store and everything!  I had a blast driving that thing around!  They also have a community pool in their neighborhood that is pretty much deserted at all times?!  We enjoyed swimming and driving around, but the kids just had a blast being together.  When we were at their house we barely heard from them for 5 days!


My girls are sporting their “new” PJs.  They just love going through all the clothes and picking out their favorites.

After over a year it was fun to see how the kids just pick up where they left off.  I hope we will get to visit them again soon around the holidays.

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