Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Camping (Attempt to anyway)

A few weekends ago we took the kids camping.  To a real campsite, not our backyard.  We went with the Murphy’s to St. Croix State Park.  There seems to be hundreds of campsites there, but we stayed on the Old Logging Trail and I have to say, it was really nice.  The shower/bathroom facilities were extremely clean and nice than some hotels I’ve been in.

I love camping.  Something about being outdoors and “living off the land” (yes I use that term very loosely since we packed half our house) appeals to me.  Unfortunately, living off the land during severe storms does not appeal to me (or anyone else) so our camping trip was cut short.  We arrived Friday, and immediately set up our sites.  I was in charge of dinner Friday night and I’m happy to report that my campfire quesadillas were awesome!


I made them ahead of time at home and just packed them in the cooler.  I also made breakfast sandwiches and froze them to heat up over the fire the next morning.  Also delicious!

My other contribution was our new screen tent.


The plan was to have it over the picnic table and even have enough room for a chair or two but the picnic tables at the campsites were ginormous!  Easily 9 feet long.  So, my 10 foot screen just barely fit over it and there was little room for anything else.  But, we enjoyed bug free meals so that was nice.  It also kept our wood dry during the storm that night.

Riley was loving the nature around us!  She spent her time capturing caterpillars and making little homes for them.  We all went on a couple little hikes down by the river but the bugs were so bad it was hard to enjoy it.

On Saturday morning, having all woke up to various sized lakes in our tents, and with the forecast of another storm on the way, we decided to pack it up and head home early.

I’m anxious to try again though.  I think the next time we won’t book our sites until closer to the actual date and then we can keep en eye on the weather and make a game time decision.  On the plus side, while we were up North, apparently the South got pummeled with a huge storm.  And, on Saturday night when we were back South, the North had their turn.  So we successfully avoided both nasty storms!


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