Thursday, July 11, 2013

7:30am…what are you doing?

Riley stumbled into my bed at 7am chattering about her frogs. 

Yesterday she was at our neighbors house and came home with 3 baby frogs that they caught.  Actually, they got about 10, but she only brought home 3.  She spent the better part of the evening making a nice habitat for them in an ice cream bucket.  I told her she could keep them one night but then we had to let them go so they could go find their mom.  Well, she woke up very nervous about them missing their mom so she was quite insistent that we let them go right away.  So, at 7:30, we went outside to free some frogs.


First she had to say “Good Morning” to each of them.


There is three in there….I can only see 2.  It’s like a hidden picture game!

Then she decided to let them go in the shade of the swingset.


And guess what, about 5 minutes after she let them go I decided I wanted to mow the lawn.

So, then we re-captured the frogs, I mowed, we set them free again, and currently she is outside with her friends capturing more frogs.  All by 9am.

We don’t have a pond that close to us so I’m not sure where they are all coming from but I won’t complain because she sure is entertained!

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