Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer of Self-sufficiency

That’s what I have deemed this summer.  I decided it was time the kids start pulling their weight around here!  Or, at least learn a few life skills…like cooking and cleaning.

I have implemented a system revolving around earning iPad time.  To earn their first 20 minutes, they need to eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, comb their hair, and make their bed.  Most of those chores you would think would happen naturally each morning but I guarantee that my children would run around in pajamas and crazy hair all day long if I let them.

To earn their next 30 minutes they need to read for 20 minutes, do 15 minutes of math/handwriting and then practice either Karate, Piano, or Gymnastics (depending on who you are).

Then they are each responsible for 2 of the following each week:

Meal helper, mud room organizer, toy picker upper, duster, floor cleaner, and bathroom sink duty.

After about 3 weeks on this system it is working pretty well but does need some adjustments.  For instance, it turns out Riley couldn’t care less about iPad time and therefore has no desire to do any chores.  I have started giving her “stars” and when she earns enough she can buy a stuffed animal.  This is working better even though she has no idea how many stars she needs (and neither do I).  She seems content to be earning a stuffed animal.

Meal Helper is the sought after job around here.  Depending on your age, you might be in charge of preparing everyone’s lunches or you might just be getting out cups, delivery food, and picking out side dishes.


Austin was delighted to serve corn dog nuggets, goldfish, and grapes to his sisters.  He made the meal completely on his own.  Just ignore the stack of dishes on the counter.  They seem to be a permanent fixture this summer.  I should have added dishes to their list!

The goal is that by the end of the summer at least one these children will be capable of fending for themselves when it comes to lunch!

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