Thursday, June 27, 2013

Soccer Stars

Both girls decided they would like to do soccer this summer.  Ellie participated in Micro Soccer last summer (in micro soccer you play 3 on 3).  She loved practices but disliked games because she didn’t like everyone being so clumped together and basically kicking at each other.  Aggressive is not her strong suit.

This year Riley wanted to play too (because she wants to do everything Ellie does) so I found a team they could both be on which saves me time driving everyone around.  This year it is Soccer Stars instead of Micro Soccer and already I like it better.  They actually learn how to play the game with accurate positions instead of a free for all!  I think that Ellie likes this better too because there isn’t as much crowding around the ball.


I only had my phone with me for a camera on picture day so this is the best I could do.  They are the “Green Dinosaurs”.  Ellie was proud to be the nominator of that name.

Tuesday was their first game.  The girls both played forwards and defense and then Ellie also tried her hand at center and goalie.  Ellie scored a goal playing center and blocked a few (and let in a few) at goalie.  She also managed to take a good kick to her thigh and a hard ball to her knee (both of which left her with tears) but she managed to stay in the game with some encouragement and high fives.  Since she’s on the sensitive side her ability to “shake it off and get back in there” left me more proud than the goal.

I’m not sure what Riley thinks of it all.  She has bouts of aggressiveness where she does really well but it is far more common for her to just hang out on the field and watch the ball go by.

Ellie left today (she scored 4 times today) saying she loves soccer.  I did not see that enthusiasm from Riley.  We’ll see if Ellie is still excited about it come August!

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