Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

Ellie has been looking forward to turning 6 for most of the school year.  As a summer baby she is one of the youngest in her class and she has to suffer as all her friends turn 6 throughout the school year.  Well, last Friday was finally her day!

She woke up and crawled into bed with me with a giant grin on her face!  First we headed to Donut Connection in our pajamas (and one of us wore a birthday crown) so we could order breakfast.  When we got back Riley was finally awake so Ellie was allowed to open up her presents.  Then we all got dressed and headed to the Mall of America to ride the rides, per Ellie’s request!



We finished up the rides and dined on some McDonald’s.  Then we walked through some stores on our way to Claire’s Boutique….where Ellie was going to get her ears pierced!

She wanted to do it for her 5th birthday but Rob said no.  Then she wanted to do it for her 6th birthday and Rob talked her into waiting for her 7th birthday.  But, then I told Rob I’d rather she do it now.  She clearly wanted it done, I didn’t think that would change, and she had the courage to do it now vs. waiting and still wanting it but not having the courage.  Follow me?  So, then we talked her back into it and when it came time for her to get it done I think both Rob and I were more nervous than she was.

Pre-ears pierced:


She was all smiles.  She picked out some pink gem flowers, she got the dots on her ears and she was hugging the Claire’s Bear with all her might.  She was ready.  I had previously pinched her ears (hard) to show her how much it would hurt.  I also had her watch another girl get it done so she saw what they would do…it didn’t deter her.



The smile was gone.  I had them double team her so she wouldn’t get one ear pierced and then change her mind about the other (knowing how much it hurt).  There were tears.



Retail therapy and a lot of looking in the mirrors seemed to ease the pain.

In the end, we decided that we would go shopping for her earrings on the day that she can actually change them (6 weeks from now).

And, I can’t believe I don’t have an after picture but trust me, she’s cute!  She is VERY excited about her earrings and just loves when someone asks her about them.  Her birthday party with her friends is coming up on Saturday and she is anxious to show them off.

So far, Ellie thinks 6 is a pretty great age to be!  She’s anxious to now lose a tooth (which isn’t going to happen anytime soon).

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