Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ellie’s a First Grader

I’m going to have to play catch up with the blog.  So, it’s going to be rapid-fire posts for the next few days (presuming I find the time to even do quick posts).  First up, my soon-to-be first grader!

Ellie’s Kindergarten class had their graduation ceremony on May 31st.  She thoroughly enjoyed Kindergarten.  She never once was upset she had to go to school. 

The kids did a great job singing their graduation songs and the teachers announced each child (over 80 in the a.m. classes) individually stating how old they are, what they like to do in school, and what they want to be when they grow up.  I had the pleasure of volunteering the day this information was gathered from the students so I knew what Ellie’s answer was.  She wanted to be a Chef Popstar.  The teacher announced it as a “Chef and a Popstar” but I was there when Ellie wrote it down and she actually wants to be a Chef that sings pop songs in the kitchen.

Her and Riley have since decided that they are going to live together and run a small bakery.  Ellie will have 2 children (a boy and a girl) and Riley will have a dog.  They will bake me a Snickers Cake for my birthday every year.

Back to the graduation:


I thought Ellie had a really fun class.  I got to know quite a few of the kids through volunteering and they were a lively group!


And, of course, the class wouldn’t be nearly as fun without their great teacher, Mrs. Addler.  Ellie loved her teacher and has already told me several times how much she misses her.

And it worked out perfectly that Rob and his dad were leaving for a fishing trip the following day so Bob and Patti were able to drive up for the graduation to add to Ellie’s cheering section:


And her biggest fans of all were also present:


Whether she is a Chef Popstar, a bakery owner, or anything else, we know she has a bright future!  Congratulations Ellie!

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