Saturday, May 25, 2013

Track and Field

Austin’s 2nd grade Track and Field day was last week.  I really like track and field day.  I liked as a kid and I like it now.  However, the events we did growing up, and the events they do now are quite different.  We had the standards: dashes, hurdles, long jump, standing long jump, high jump, etc.  Austin has the dashes and some modified hurdles.  And then they have: shoe kick, hippity hop, hula hooping, sack races, etc.  I have to say, watching their activities is pretty entertaining.  I’m especially impressed with the hula hoopers.

Anyway, this year Austin chose to defend his title with the hurdles and then he tried his luck with a sock fling and the hippity hop.



The sock fling didn’t quite work out for him.  But, he kept his focus for the hurdles and came in second!

He followed it up with a round of high fives from his classmates.


The hippity hop gave him a 3rd place (although my sister and I noticed that the gym teachers were very generous with the phrase “It’s a tie!”).

I really like Austin’s class this year.  He’s had good classes the past two years too, but this has been my favorite by far!  His teacher is amazing (she even provided me all these pictures).  He also has some good buddies in his class:


That’s Ivan, Ty, and Austin.  As a side note, that water bottle Austin is holding was totally full.  When track and field was over, Austin probably could have smoked the competition with his dash to the bathroom.

The best part of track and field is the tug of war.  Last year Austin’s first grade class won the whole thing.  This year, despite their best efforts:


They didn’t place. 


It was a great day for cheering. 

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