Monday, May 27, 2013

One Year Down, One to Go

It’s no secret that Riley is not a fan of preschool.  Therefore, I’m pleased to announce she is done.  At least with the first year.  Austin & Ellie each only had one year of preschool but we just didn’t feel that Riley was going to be ready for Kindergarten come the fall.  The fact that I can think of maybe 5 times out of the whole year that she willingly went to school (i.e.—no tears or clinging to my leg) played a big part in our decision.  I mean, you can’t really blame her….who wouldn’t want to hang out with me all day instead of some boring ol’ preschool!

Last week we had her last field trip to camp Kici Yapi.  It’s a day camp close to our house that is run by the YMCA.  It’s a fun place and she was excited to go.  There is one thing Riley loves about preschool:


The Blue Goose.  That’s what they call their bus.  She loves riding on the bus; so we have that going for us when it is time for Kindergarten.

At the camp each group got to do an arts and crafts project, a nature hike, and archery.  Riley loves arts and crafts so that was a big hit.


And when we got to archery the instructor, for the first time that day, had everyone’s complete attention!


Whereas the boys couldn’t wait to get their hands on that bow, Riley was quite certain she wanted nothing to do with it.  I finally convinced (or dragged) her to give it a try.  I summoned my inner Indian Princess (I’m not being derogatory here….I was in a YMCA group growing up called Indian Princesses where we did things like archery and pow-wows) and showed her how to shoot her bow and arrow.  Her eyes lit up!  She loved it.  Unfortunately, we only got two arrows before it was time to go.

Next year she is signed up for a class called “Fabulous Fives”.  It goes without saying that she is not excited.  Maybe if they work the Blue Goose into the curriculum a little more she will be more willing.

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