Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sunday Nights

Every Sunday night my mom and dad offer up “Sunday Dinner”.  Most of the time we take them up on this.  It’s one night of the week I don’t have to plan (make and clean up after) a meal.  Plus, a nice time to catch up with the family and see what is new with everyone.

This past Sunday we also celebrated my Dad’s birthday.  He’s 66 years young now. 

I didn’t have a normal camera with me, just my cell phone, but I snapped a couple pictures that made me laugh.

First, the boys:


Austin lives for Sunday nights when he gets to hang out with Jake.  They have both turned into little gamers with their tablets so although they seem to be ignoring each other in this picture, they were playing each other in some virtual world.  I just thought it was funny that they were both squeezed into that chair together (there is no shortage of seats at my parents house).  Just this morning Austin said “I can’t wait for Sunday to show Jake what I built on Minecraft!” and I said “Then you’ll be happy to know Jake and Maddie are coming over for dinner tomorrow night”.  He let out a “whoop” and proceeded to confirm with me at least 3 more times, before he left for school, that he would see Jake tomorrow night.

This second picture I thought was cute for no reason.


Grandpa Smith is known to be quite the teaser in our house.  I’m certain he was probably doing some sort of teasing here too, but I just like how focused on each other they are.

Over and out.

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