Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break/Easter 2013

I’m going to back track a bit now and cover the kids’ spring break and Easter.  Austin and Ellie had spring break the last week in March, and Riley, because she’s in a different school district, had spring break the week after Easter.  It’s a little annoying that they can’t all be off at once but not a big deal.  It ended up working out just fine!  The kids and I drove to Amboy (halfway to West Bend) after Riley was done with school on Wednesday and met Bob and Patti.  Then they took our kids back to their house for some spring break fun.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Rob and I enjoyed some kid-free time!  We spent the whole day together on Thursday.  We went out to lunch, hit up the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, went shopping (and at this point my feet hurt so bad in my shoes that the first order of business was to buy new shoes….good planning for me!), we picked up some of our favorite cupcakes, ordered a pizza and rented a movie.  It was a fantastic day!

On Friday we drove down to West Bend and reunited with our brood.  The kids had set up an Easter egg hunt for us.  Riley had a hard time actually letting me hunt.  She would stand next to an egg and say “Mom, mom!!!  Look here!!!  I’ll get it!”  On Saturday they all colored Easter eggs first thing in the morning:


Austin was a little bit methodical with his dyeing.  He took his time.


Riley was kind of a power dyer and ended up with about 4/5 orange eggs.  Get ‘em done!


Ellie did both.  And made goofy faces in between.

Saturday night the kids left some carrots out for the bunny.


And Sunday morning they were up bright and early to hunt for their baskets!




We all went to church.  Our children did okay.  They are just not used to sitting anywhere for any length of time.  When we go to church, they go to Sunday School so they don’t have any practice with this.  But they sure looked cute!


Even Simba.

After lunch we packed everything up and drove to my parents house for another Easter celebration!  The lucky kids got another Easter basket full of goodies and each had to search for 5 eggs.  As usual, they  had a blast running around with their cousins!

This week Riley and I have been going on “adventures” but her spring break is over now too.  She only has a little over a month left of school!  Time flies!

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