Friday, April 5, 2013

My Poor, Poor kids

I don’t think I ask much of my kids in the way of chores.  There’s certain things I just expect them to take care of, but we don’t have a set chore list.  We’ve tried it before and nobody seems to stick with it.  For the most part, they are just in charge of cleaning their rooms.  Recently, I added their bathroom to the their (short) list.  Mostly because I think dried up toothpaste might be a substitute for cement and I’m tired of scraping it off the sink.  I figure if they are the ones who have to clean it they might take an extra 2 seconds each night to wash the spit down the drain or (ahem…Austin) aim better.

And, never fear if you’re a guest here, I do my own cleaning before we have company.

Last week all three kids were in the bathroom in the morning brushing their teeth and Austin scolded one of the girls for not rinsing their spit down the sink.  The conversation went like this:

Austin:  Ugh!  Come on you guys!  You have to make sure it’s all gone!

Ellie:  I know, I know!

Austin:  Now I’ll have to clean it.  {exasperated sight}

~Riley practically spits on Austin~

Austin:  Riley!  In the sink, not me!!

Ellie:  I can’t believe we have to clean this.  I mean, we have to do everything around here!

Austin:  I know.  But seriously, just think what it was like before you two were around.  I had to do it all myself.


Have a good weekend.

Love, The Slave Driver

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