Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mozart in the Making

Ellie and I (okay, mostly I) decided she should start taking piano lessons when she started kindergarten.  I consulted with my sister, the professional, and Kerry assured me I could handle teaching Ellie for the first few years.  So with the first week of school, we eagerly started her lessons.  By the 3rd week of school we had already let it slip to practicing every few days, and lessons being every week give or take 4 days.  In November we got back on track and then in December we lost another 2-3 weeks around Christmas.  However, since January, we have been doing good (not perfect) and making it more of a habitual thing. 

Last month Kerry was kind enough to invite Ellie to play in the recital she was having for all her students.  Kerry even picked out several songs so Ellie could pick her favorites.  (This piano teaching thing is a breeze when Kerry’s around!)

Ellie chose “Bingo” (There was a farmer had a dog) and “Love Somebody”.  And if you ask my sweet little girl why she picked “Love Somebody” she will tell you “Because I love my Mommy.”  *sigh*….remind me of this sweetness when she’s a teenager.

She diligently practiced her songs….and her singing.  Ellie asked if she could sing the songs when she played at the recital and Kerry said “Sure, I’ve never had a kid do that, but absolutely!” 

Well, last night was the recital.  Ellie was nervous, but not too bad.  Then at 4pm she said “My eyes hurt.” and I thought “oh crap….migraine”.  Sure enough, by 4:15 she was asleep.  I woke her up around 5:15 to eat dinner, of which she ate very little.  And at 5:45 she threw up.  But, by 6:00 she was putting on her pretty pink dress, and by 6:05 we were on our way!

I’m doubly biased as both her teacher and her mom, but she did awesome!  No mistakes and didn’t show any nervousness either!

I asked Rob to take video with his cell phone because it tends to take better pictures than our camera so I figured the video feature would be just as decent.  Sorry….it’s not.  At all.  I tried to edit it a bit with some software but this is the best I can do.  (Update:  Mike also video taped and I replaced my video with his…much better!)

At any rate, she’s a rockstar (in the making).  It made me a little teary watching her up there last night.  I’m a sap.

She was giddy afterwards asking if she could be in the recital next year too.  We celebrated with the Murphy’s (Maddie and Jake were amazing too but I’ll leave that bragging up to Kerry’s blog) and Grandma and Grandpa Smith and Aunt Gretchen at Dairy Queen afterwards.  Two treats in one night!

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