Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Pizza Party to Remember!

Last night we had our usual weekend Pizza Party.  Only it wasn’t “usual”.  We had a surprise in store for our kids.

We had them all open the pizza box together:


Want to see what they were looking at?  It was this:


After Austin read the note to everyone, there was a moment of silence as they all thought about what this meant:


And when they figured it out, we had three happy kids!


7 months is going to be a long wait, but we were too excited to keep the news to ourselves any longer!

We’re staying at the Art of Animation resort.  It’s pretty new, and looks amazing.  The rooms are suites so we’ll each have our own sleeping areas.  That was the selling point for Rob.  There’s also two bathrooms and a small kitchenette.  We opted for a Lion King suite. 


Lion King was a “neutral” movie and then we weren’t favoring Austin (with the Cars option) or Ellie (with the Little Mermaid option), and the Nemo suite (which would have also been neutral) had blinding blue walls and vertigo inducing carpet:


Rob’s seemingly constant traveling over the last year has been hard at times, but he was able to use his miles to buy all 5 airline tickets!  I think he even has enough left for me to join him in Florida on one of his future trips.  We might need a vacation from our vacation!

The hardest part will be Riley.  She doesn’t grasp the difference between today, tomorrow, and this year.  She will most likely ask us every day if we are going to Disney World.  She attempted to pack her pajamas last night.  (Her plan is to pack every pair of Disney related pajamas she has.) 

7 Months and counting!!!

Here’s the video of the whole thing:


Linda Rasmussen said...

Cute!! Do you think they'll be able to survive the next 7 months!! Or maybe it should be will you make it through the next 7 months!!!

Jane said...

Are you going over MEA break? We were thinking of doing the same. Do you really need to plan 7 months in advance? Yikes, I better get on that.