Friday, February 15, 2013

Whatever Works

Austin has really come into his own as a reader this year.  I am slowly figuring out how to make it more enjoyable for him.  I would put down reading as one of my favorite hobbies and I hope to pass the love onto my kids.  It’s something you can do anywhere at any age and, given a library card, is free. 

Austin is suppose to read 20 minutes a night in 2nd grade.  This month is a special month at his school and he is trying to read as much as possible to “beat the teachers” for the highest minutes read.  As I stated, he’s a great reader, but unless he has the right material, you have to ask him to do it.  Fortunately, at our last library trip, the girls and I came across some DC Universe (makers of batman, superman, wonder woman, etc.) novels.  They are just his level, and they are not comics.  Score!  They are each about 60 pages and best of all, he loves them.  He will sit down and read one of these from cover to cover and they each take him about an hour to read.  He’s really racking up the minutes now!

Yesterday I left him downstairs and suggested he read since he missed his minutes the day before.  After awhile I realized I hadn’t seen Austin (and it seems they are never far away from me for long…no matter how much I might try some days) so I went down to investigate and came across this:


In my opinion, not the most ideal spot to sit for an hour, but I did say it’s a hobby that can be done anywhere.

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