Monday, February 4, 2013

To Iowa and Back

We made a whirlwind trip to Iowa this weekend to visit with Rob’s brother’s family.  We left Saturday morning and returned Sunday afternoon.  Rob has always wanted to see his brother, Dave, coach a game (he coaches high school girls basketball) and we also wanted to catch a game that our niece and nephew were playing in.  Taylor didn’t have any games this weekend, but we did get to see Isaac’s game. 

Isaac is a self-proclaimed sport nut.  He’s 7 and already know 100x more than I do about sports.  I’m also pretty sure he’d kill me in a game of horse.  It was fun to see him play a real game since we’ve been watching him pretend to play games for years.  His first grade team played against second graders so there was a slight height advantage for the other team, but they still came out victorious (Dave’s team won too).  It was clear that Isaac had an understanding for the game.  Whereas everyone else attacked the ball like a fly to honey, Isaac took his time and passed when he saw a good opportunity.

It was also clear my children were not meant for viewing sports.  We kind of got a glimpse of that this summer when, after a half of an inning at the Twins game, they wanted to leave.  Austin spent most of his time at the games playing his 3DS.  He did manage to completely addict his younger cousin, Hunter, to video games.

austin and hunter videogame

If Hunter wasn’t playing it, he was intently watching Austin.  Look at the intensity in his furrowed brows!  It was pretty cute.

We also got to celebrate Taylor’s birthday with her…just a little late.

taylor birthday candles

That was an added bonus we hadn’t thought of!

When we weren’t at the games, the kids had fun running around.  A little too much fun because Ellie got so worn out she got one of her migraines and threw up a couple times.

The drive home was a little rough because Riley hates car rides.  She groaned about every 4 minutes.  With only about 30 minutes left she finally fell asleep and the rest of the drive was pleasant.

car trip

So although it was quick, it was well worth it!  We’ll have to drug Riley and make our way back down soon to see Taylor play!

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Lynne said...

We loved having you guys come and spend the weekend with us. On Sunday Hunter kept asking where his cousins were! Have a great week!