Monday, February 11, 2013

Some Good Snow…Finally!

We haven’t had a ton of snow again this year and what we have received has not been all that great for playing.  I know many people probably think snow is snow, but that’s not true when you have a houseful of kids who want to make forts or snowmen! 

This last storm dropped some nice sticky stuff perfect for playing, and as a bonus, some fun cousins showed up just in time to play in it!


Aren’t those girls amazing to roll up a snowman base as big as they are?!


Well, maybe they had a little help from Rob and Kerry.

They also tackled our little sledding hill on the side of our house.


The final results of the snowman were fairly impressive!


As I drove Riley to preschool this morning (right after I got slightly stuck at the bottom of the driveway) I said “Girls, I think you guys built the biggest snowman in the neighborhood!” to which Claire quickly replied “Well, of course we did!”  Leaving me wondering why I ever had any doubts.

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