Wednesday, February 27, 2013



Not much has been going on around here, yet I still feel incredibly busy.  I’m sure many people feel the same way.  For starters, we’ve all been passing around a cold.  I’m on my second go round.  Today, Ellie stayed home from school:


She’s clearly sick, right?

Okay, so I’m feeling a little duped.  But, she truly did not feel well this morning.  And, she got a migraine yesterday afternoon that made her vomit.  Obviously, she is fine now.  I told her when she stays home from school she has to lay on the couch all day and it’s boring.  I said she could color and that’s it.  She’s in heaven.

Update #2.  This is earth shattering.  Last weekend I made cinnamon rolls in our waffle iron.


I saw it on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a shot.  Not much too it.  Spray the waffle iron with cooking spray (I did this even though we have a non stick waffle iron…better safe than sorry), put a cinnamon roll in each section of the iron and hold the lid down tight for the normal waffle time.  Pop them out, put on the icing and watch your kids gobble them up as you look on jealously because you’re trying to eat better (*sigh*).



Update #3….ice skating.

This is the year they all learn.  Riley and Ellie are borrowing some skates from a friend.  Rob just picked up some skates for Austin off Craigslist last night. 

Riley and I went over yesterday morning after the older two got on the bus.  Just 15 minutes.  Enough to get out there but short enough to not hate it.


She pushed around the chair for a bit and did some small steps on her own for just as long.  Her favorite part was when she sat in the chair and I pushed her around.  I think we’ll try to head over there this weekend as a family to get some more practice in.  I might see is Craigslist has any 11.5’s for Rob.  I don’t think he’s ever had skates strapped to his feet before…no time like the present!

Last update, jury duty.  I’m on jury duty this week (and last week).  Out of 20 groups, I’m in group #4.  I got called in last Thursday for a trial and we sat in the room for a little over an hour when the lady in charge told us the defendant accepted a plea and we could go home and that although we still had to call in each day at 11:30, we wouldn’t be called to come in again because she’d have to go through all 20 groups before she started over with #1.  So, I continued to call at 11:30 but no other jurors were called in during the week so I got lazy with my call in times because my group wouldn’t be summoned again anyway.  Follow me?  Yesterday I called at 12:45 expecting that no one was needed (and if they were, it wouldn’t be my group).  Nope.  Groups 1-12 got called in (again).  Grrrr!  So, I quick called my parents who came to my rescue (again) and got to the courthouse and asked why my group was summoned again and she said something about her supervisor not checking her notes, blah blah blah.  So, I sat there for 2 hours to find out the defendant accepted a plea.  I was sent home again saying I wouldn’t get called in again.  We’ll see.  Rob has jury duty in March.  Hopefully his supervisor takes better notes.

That’s all.  See why I don’t update this as often….we’re pretty boring around here.

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