Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Since I can barely remember what I had for breakfast each morning, I certainly can’t remember what we did last weekend, but as I sit here and look at some pictures I realize it must have been exhausting. 


Because I remember Riley passing out right in front of the cozy fire.  The rest of us sat around commenting how cute she was all snuggled up on Bud (my bear) in her footy pajamas.  I stopped to take a few pictures.


Because even though she’s not a baby, I just love a sleeping baby.  And that’s how I always slept on Bud too.  He was always more of a pillow than a stuffed animal.

And I remember that right after I took this last picture:


Austin stopped looking at his cute baby sister sleeping, and turned his attention back to his Avenger’s movie while simultaneously back peddling towards the fireplace where he then stepped right on Riley’s head, followed by his other foot in her gut.  He claims (through giggles) “Oh, I didn’t see her there”, despite that fact that a mere 3 seconds earlier he was staring at her with the rest of us.

She came out unscathed (so did Austin).

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