Thursday, January 31, 2013

Breaking the Ice


I took the girls ice skating for the first time this week! I just found out that our community center has free open skating, including rentals, on Tuesday from 12:15-1:30...which is plenty of time for my kids (and me).

I want them to learn how to skate because we live right next to an outdoor rink with a warming house and I'd love for them to be able to have an activity to do outside in the winter. Especially when they are older and I can just send them over together to burn off some energy.

I prepped the girls before going.  The same thing I did with Austin when I first took him.  I explained that there would be kids smaller and better than them, that they would probably spend a lot of time falling and hopefully a little time skating.  They were on board with my plan and away we went. 

It was interesting to watch them and their personalities with trying something new.  On the way there Riley was all confidence.  I believe she even said “I’m going to be awesome”!


Ellie was more realistic.

Then out on the ice Riley quickly realized she was not going to be awesome, got mad, and gave up.


Ellie went in knowing she wasn’t going to be good, but worked diligently to stay up.


Then Riley saw Ellie succeeding and was back in the game full force.  In the end, Riley spent more time on her butt, but made bigger progress.  Ellie stayed on her feet most of the time, but was very slow and careful. 

Ellie liked using those red walker things, but Riley thought it was easier without them (except when it was time to stand back up…then she liked to have one nearby)

We’ll definitely be going back.  I’m determined to make hardy Minnesotans of these kids.  In my book, that makes skiing and skating mandatory curriculum!

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