Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Concert Series–Part 2

After a fun kick-off to our Christmas celebrations on Saturday (more about that later), it was great to continue the merry-making at Riley’s Christmas concert on Monday.  We ran into a bit of a wardrobe problem in the morning because the Christmas dress I had set aside for her (4T) was way too small.  She was all too happy to wear Ellie’s “first day of school” dress instead.  I definitely need to hunt for some bargains because Riley has decided to skip size 4T and just slipped right into a girls 5.  Yikes!  Pretty soon Ellie will be getting the hand-me-downs.

Anyway, back to the concert.  Riley definitely does not take after her sister when it comes to performing.  Or talking to people she doesn’t know.  Or people she does know for that matter.  These are the pictures I got from her:




Anytime she caught me trying to get a picture she shied away from the camera.  She was next to her friends Addy and another Riley.  That little boy in the front had a hard time staying upright.  He was falling all over the place with his exaggerated movements.  Made for a little comic relief.

Despite her repeated claims that she does not like preschool I think she is very slowly warming up to it. 

At least, she warmed up to singing Rudolph:


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