Friday, December 7, 2012

An Update on Mr. Snaggletooth

He is still snaggly.


He did loose one of the two top front teeth, but that just leaves room for the remaining tooth to shift sideways.  It gets worse every day, but yet, not loose.  It’s bizarre.  Even this photo is out of date (from last week).

Also, Snaggletooth is now a green belt in karate (so don’t make fun of his tooth or he might land a swift kick in your kneecap). 

It was a bit of a hectic Wednesday.  The girls had their final dance class on Wednesday, which means the last 15 minutes was their “recital”.  The class ended at 5:30.  That is the exact same time that Austin’s karate graduation started.  And Rob was in Florida.  But, my parents were able to juggle things with me.  My mom and I stayed for the recital and my dad took Austin to graduation.  Then as soon as the girls finished their tumbling routines we ducked out (before it was over) and headed over to karate.  We didn’t miss much.

Austin pulled Grandpa out there to beat up on him:


A couple punches, some kicks, and then Grandpa Smith attempted to choke Austin so Austin could display his self-defense.  I’m a little nervous for his progression because someone of the advanced belts were just about knocking their parents down with their kicks.  We’ll invite Grandpa back for that!


Austin made his promises to work hard and someday earn his black belt.  He was excited because Master Worley was there (in black) and is a 7th (or something like that) degree black belt.  He is also excited because he gets to start working with a bo.  My family room is no longer a safe place to relax.

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