Friday, November 23, 2012

Zip Lining (Part 3)

Zip lining through Costa Rica has been on my “list” for a LONG time.  It’s actually what made me propose Costa Rica to Carrie in the first place!  On our 3rd day I was able to cross it off the list.  The whole experience was fantastic (once again, minus the roads…thank God for 4 wheel drive!).
I knew going into this that Carrie was not excited about this part of our trip.  Well, she was excited, but completely anxious.  She had prepared ahead of time to take plenty of Xanax that morning.  Even still, her outlook was grim.
She didn’t even want to be in this picture and it took everything she had to smirk.
What I didn’t know was how nervous Michelle was.  She just giggled a lot and said she was a little scared. 
We zip-lined with the company Sky Trek.  First, you go through a line to get all your gear, and then you take a tram up to the top of the “mountain” (I’m not sure if it’s a mountain or just a really tall hill?)  The first 2 lines were practice runs and really tame.  After that, the fun begins!  At this point there is no turning back so if you didn’t enjoy the first 2 lines at all, then you can take the “chicken exit” and go back down on the tram.  But, if you choose to do the 3rd zip line, then you have no other option but to finish the course.
Here’s me on the very first line:
You can see how short it was, and how close to the ground it was.  No problem.
After the first two zip lines Carrie was totally okay.  She was ready to go and opted to have a guide go with her across the first big line:
They call it a taxi.  And here she is 2 seconds later floating over the rainforest:
Can you see her?
Unfortunately, the first 2 lines did nothing for Michelle and the view of this 3rd line, and Carrie floating off on a tiny cable 656 feet above the ground (the highest line) didn’t help.  She was a lot more nervous than I knew.  But, she eventually let them hook her up to the cable and shove her off!  It took until the 5th line, but she did start to enjoy it!
That’s Michelle coming in for a landing on the 4th line.  The guide sends out a little knot tied onto the cable and then shakes the cable which is your signal to start breaking (this just involved you pushing your pulley back and forth against the cable to create friction), then you’re suppose to spread your legs because if you come to an abrupt stop your legs will swing up to the cable and they want the cable to go between your legs rather than burn your leg against the cable.  They said that was called a Costa Rican Tattoo.  Anyway, breaking never did much for me but I didn’t really need it.  That knot they sent out usually did everything I needed and then once you land on that yellow step they help you stand and unhook you.
The 7th line was the longest and fastest.  It was about a half-mile long, 275 feet above the ground, with speeds between 50-52 mph.
That little dot is me 2 seconds after take off.  The little hole in the trees in the distance is where the cable goes.  It was about 40 seconds longer after you entered the trees.  This was, by far, my most favorite line.
Before our last run, everyone was all smiles:
No forced smirks or nervous laughter!  I loved the whole thing and both of these ladies said they’d definitely do it again.
We ended this day with another treacherous drive around the lake, but a nice dinner on the beach…our final destination.

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The Pats said...

What a great trip and pictures. Thanks for the adventure ride; looking at pictures is close enough for my desire to zip line.