Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Perks of my Job

The best part of staying home with our kids is participating in school activities with them.  This year is particularly nice because Riley is in preschool Monday, Wednesday, Friday for a little over 2 hours so for the first time I’ve been able to volunteer during those times without needing a babysitter!  I have started to volunteer once in a month in Riley’s classroom, I’ve committed to 2 Mondays/month in Ellie’s classroom, and once a month in Austin’s classroom.  Obviously I could do more but I have the kids who get a little emotional when I leave after a couple hours so I’d rather not put them all (including their teachers) through that too often.

In addition to regular volunteering, I’m almost always free to attend field trips.  Actually, this past month I (purposefully) skipped my first field trip with Austin.  I figured it would be good for him to be without his mom on a field trip.  And, I had another first and went on Riley’s first field trip.

I think her most favorite part was riding on the bus.  It’s a giant blue school bus lovingly called “The Blue Goose”.


We had Addie in our group too.  I used to teach Addie swimming lessons so I was happy to be assigned to her because I knew she is a great kid.  On a side note, I bet I have taught about 10% of the kids in the preschool, and one girl in Ellie’s kindergarten!

We went to Richardson’s Nature Center in Bloomington.  The kids and I have been there many times so that part was nothing new to Riley (which is probably why the bus was the most exciting part).  But, she did enjoy making apple cider:


It was delicious too!  We also went on a nature hike and looked at the reptiles they keep indoors.  We also went for an animal search on their giant mural walls they have.


I think everyone had a good time.  Riley still isn’t too sure about preschool and tells me almost every day that she doesn’t want to go.  But, I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it this day!

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