Monday, November 19, 2012

Feast Day

I had the pleasure of joining Riley, and her class, today for their Feast Day!


As far as her preschool programs go, it’s one of my favorites.  The kids each bring in any food they want, it’s placed at a big table and we eat!  Well, first they sing us a few Thanksgiving songs (mostly about turkeys) and then we eat.  Who wouldn’t want to eat a bunch of preschoolers favorites?  The only bad part, if I had to pick, is sitting in a chair 6 inches off the ground.


Today, Riley opted for a Go-gurt, Ritz crackers, chocolate cookies, chunks of cheese, popcorn, and string cheese.  She tried both a crescent roll and the Hawaiian bread but those both ended up on my plate (along with Tostitos, goldfish, Angry Bird animal crackers, and a gumball).

It was a feast indeed!  I can’t think of anyone better to share it with than my favorite preschooler!  It was a nice warm-up for the real deal on Thursday.

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