Saturday, October 6, 2012

My First 10K!

It’s been a very “athletic” season for me!  I trained most of the summer for my first triathlon in August, ran a fun 5K with a friend a couple weeks later, and today I completed my first 10K!

Kerry, Mike, and I all ran it together.  Kerry and I agreed to sign up for it at the end of August and decided to drag the guys along with us.  But, Rob signed up for a Saturday class for his MBA and also had some traveling to do so he ditched us. 

It was nice to have a training partner for this.  Kerry and I would talk on Sundays after our “long” runs about how happy we were to have completed longer and longer distances since neither one of us has ever been much of a runner.  Mike never seemed quite as excited…but he had probably run a lot more than this in his Army days.

Today was our race!  We ran in the Twin Cities 10K in St. Paul and it started at 7:30 so they picked me up at 6am.  It was 34 degrees.  Despite the chill, the run felt really good.  It was an “out and back” run and, if possible, felt completely uphill both ways.  But, we all did great!  I ran at my fastest pace yet (8:37 min/mile) and finished in 53:33.


After a celebratory trip to Caribou we headed back to my parents house to get all the kids (Thanks Mom and Dad!).  I’ve spent the rest of the day groaning every time I had to stand up.  Unfortunately the kids weren’t sympathetic to my exertions this morning and have kept me on my toes all day.

This wraps up my race plans until March.  I’m hoping to celebrate by the kids sleeping in and then a trip to Donut Connection.  Cross your fingers my kids are on the same page!

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Sue H said...

That's quite an achievement. Congrats to all three of you!