Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Morning Funny

Most days of the week Riley can make it through the night without peeing.  As long as she doesn’t have a ton of liquids right before bed she is usually fine.  Last night I was on the fence.  She downed at least a pint of strawberry milk at dinner time.  For the child that barely drinks a half a cup of anything at any given time, that is a lot.  But, it was at dinner, 6pm, so I thought she’d make it.  I gave her the option of a pull-up and she declined. So be it.

This morning she trudged down the stairs and after my perfunctory good morning I asked if she stayed dry.  She looked at me, pausing because she wasn’t sure if I’d be mad, and cheerfully said “Yep!  Well, I just peed a little bit on the side of my bed (and quickly added!) But that’s okay because I liked it.  I’ve always wanted a water bed!”


Have a good morning….I’m going to go deconstruct a water bed now.

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