Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Once again, I’m at least a few weeks behind on blogging.  I’ll back track and catch up later this week, but today was a big day so I’ll start with the present!  This morning I shipped off two kids to school!  Well, one is only there until noon, but it is still a step in the right direction! (That direction is the day when all 3 get on the bus for a full day and I breath a sigh of relief.)

We’ve had a wonderful summer together so up until this weekend (another post) I was kind of sad about school starting up.  The kids were pretty excited.  Austin probably wouldn’t admit it, but I could tell he had a little bounce in his step this morning.  And he wanted to go wait out at the bus stop at 8am for his 8:30 bus.  It’d be amazing if his enthusiasm lasted the whole year but I’m sure come winter I will be shoving him out the door while he’s still trying to zip his jacket.

Rob stayed home this morning to see them off, and here’s the snapshots of the morning:


My handsome guys


My spunky girl




The Three Amigos!

We did a little last minute shopping and hit up the mall yesterday so Ellie could pick out a new outfit.


I was a little worried about the dresses she was pulling off the shelf and kept trying to steer her towards this one but she was having none of it until I added some pink accessories to the mix.  Then she loved it!

Good thing Rob (and his spit) was around for a last minute touch-up on her face!


Pretty soon the rest of the kids joined them at the bus-stop.  Each year our stop grows a little.


Two of these little gals aren’t going to school yet but they had a blast running around with the big kids.  And then before I knew it the bus was there and they were off!


She didn’t even glance back.  But, I did get a few kisses blown to me from the front seat.  Austin sat in the very first seat with her (after introducing her to Judy, the bus driver).

Ellie came home from school totally exhausted and crabby.  She immediately took a nap after lunch but still claims she did not have a good day because she didn’t make a best friend yet.  I worry about that kid when she’s a teenager…yikes!

Austin bounced off the bus and immediately resumed his turtle pace from last year.  He told me he had a great day but I didn’t get much more than that out of him.

Riley very much enjoyed her time with me.  She has gotten the wrong idea and is pretty sure she is going to be calling the shots around here while those two are gone.  First up, Panera Bread for a Chocolate Chip Cookie.  Next, Playworks to play, then home for lunchables.  Tomorrow she has us slated for the zoo.  She might be a little thrown off when she starts preschool on Friday!

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