Monday, September 24, 2012

Corn Maze and Wine!

We had another fantastic weekend.  Back by popular demand was a trip to Sever’s Corn Maze.  We picked up Austin from school on Friday and headed directly to Sever’s.  This is the first year they have been open on Fridays and it was fantastic!  Hardly anyone was there (which might make it the last year they are open on Fridays) so the kids didn’t have to wait in any lines, they had front row seats at the magic and wild animal show, and when we splurged and gave them each $2 to go down the giant slide the girls operating the slide let them go down at least 10 times (instead of once).


They all loved the slide.  I thought Riley would be done after her first trip down since she went a little airborne on the last hump but she loved it.

Not quite as much as she loved riding Oreo:


That girl loooooves horses!  Actually, all animals.  When we went into the petting zoo she ran around and fed all the animals out of her hand.  Even the giant cow type thing with huge horns and a sign recommending you use a spoon if you want to feed him.  And then at the goat cage she stuffed both her arms through the fence, grabbed a goat by the neck and pulled him in for a hug.  Then got mad when he bit her jacket and quickly forgave him with another hug attempt.  No fear.


My returning favorite was still the corn pit.  I am hopeful that I have just today gotten the last kernel of corn out of my washing machine.

We, of course, did the corn maze.  And then the hay bale maze.  We also watched pig races (which was really lame and something I’ll try to skip next year).



Ellie can’t resist a good photo op and took her picture in all of these.  Those are just a couple of them.  Rob was there with us, but since his iPhone camera seems better than my normal point and shoot he is now the main picture taker.

We capped off the evening with a trip to the Lions Tap…yum!

Saturday evening we headed to a nearby winery (Crofut Winery) for their annual Vineman Burning.  We had never been, but Kerry and Mike’s neighbors are regulars and told us about it.  Kerry offered free babysitting from Maddie if all the kids hung out together, so we were definitely ready to go!  It was a fun night.  I’ve been to this particular winery 2-3 times before for tastings.  This particular night was more like “speed tasting” and left me feeling a little sick.  There are probably 3-4 wines there I like though (out of the 10 they make).  Kerry and Mike bought a case and shared a bottle with me the rest of the night.  Someone else bought some cheese and crackers to share (Creamy Havarti might be my new favorite cheese! Thanks Kristy’s mom!) so we were set.

The Vineman burning is about what it sounds like.  They winery has someone construct a 32 foot man made out of old grape vines:


And then when it’s dark, they burn him:


And everyone just stands around and watches him burn until he falls over.  Note for next year…stand up wind of the ashes.

We capped off the weekend on Sunday with a Vikings pizza party (and it was a great game). 

Weekends like that make it difficult to start over with Monday.

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