Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thanks Mosaic!

Last weekend Rob’s company hosted their family picnic at Valleyfair.  Last year we went to Canterbury Park, this year Valleyfair…some think there is a conspiracy going on that keeps the events in Shakopee.  I’m fine with that.

We haven’t taken the kids to Valleyfair yet so we were all really excited to enjoy the day there.  We arrived shortly after they opened and went directly to the carousel.


This picture would have been way better if it were of Riley’s face.  On our first go ‘round she did NOT stop smiling and giggling.  That little girl absolutely loves riding fake horses.  I bet she would like riding a real horse too, but the opportunity to ride a fake horse occurs a lot more frequently for her and she loves it every time!

After the carousel we headed to the antique cars and started the process of measuring our children’s height for all the rides.  Austin is tall enough to ride everything, and that includes driving the antique cars.


I absolutely adore this picture.  That hat was made for driving antique cars!  He had a little trouble pushing down the gas pedal (I remember the same problem when I was a kid) so Rob held that down for him but Austin did all the driving while the girls and I hung out in the back.

The wait for the cars was so long that by the time our turn was over, it was already time for lunch (provided by Mosaic).

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the Planet Snoopy area.  The lines were much shorter and the rides were more suitable for our kids.  I think we hit them all at least once, some multiple times.  Like these semi-trucks that Ellie and Riley went on 3 times before Austin joined them.


Let it be known that the girls are tall enough to ride these trucks all by themselves but they insisted that I join them.  So, while they drove the truck from the cab, I squeezed in up top and also went around 3 times.

Ellie and Riley also loved the characters we found (Sally, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, Charlie Brown, and some other bald headed Peanuts character I didn’t recognize).  Ellie requested pictures with every statue or character we came across but only Rob had a camera and we were separated for awhile so I don’t have those pictures.


Something about this picture suits Ellie.  She’s too sweet to be compared to Lucy so that’s not it, but she looks like she belongs there.

We capped off our full day with another few trips on the merry-go-round, much to Riley’s delight!  It was a great first trip to Valleyfair.  Growing up, my mom always took each of us kids (and one friend) to Valleyfair once each summer.  I went back once since, (with Rob’s little brother Jon), and haven’t been back since.  So, it was great to re-live some of those memories with my own kids.  Thanks Mosaic!

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