Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Riley is 4!

Last Thursday was a big day for Riley!  After watching each of her siblings have a birthday and suffer through them opening all their presents (and not understanding why she didn’t get any), she finally had her turn!

Her brother and sister chose this day to sleep in a bit so we decided she could open one present before Rob left for work.


Then we decided that was sort torturous so we went and woke up Ellie (since Austin finally woke up) and let her rip into the rest of the presents.


She is far and away the easiest kid to shop for in our house.  She got the giant puppy rug (she LOVES this), a new piggy bank (she recently broke hers), a small wallet (and Rob handed over a dollar for her to put in it), and a LeapPad. 

We spent the rest of the morning hanging out.  We recently babysat our Minnetrista cousins for 6 days and the kids were excited to just play with their own toys for awhile.


They turned the rug into a “flying dog” and scooted it around the floors for a half hour.  I should have attached some swiffers on the bottom to clean up while they were at it!

Finally, at 10am, we decided to hit up the donut store.  Naturally.

Then we packed some lunches and headed to Chutes and Ladders for the afternoon.  As usual, this place was insane with all the day camps for school kids, but my kids did great sticking together and easy my anxiety.  Plus, I knew I had a secret weapon to get them to leave whenever I wanted.  I gave them about 2 hours there and then offered Cherry Berry.  It’s the self-serve frozen yogurt place in Shakopee where they can pick their flavor and an array of toppings.  As a side note, the crap goodies they put on their yogurt is disgusting.  Example:  Ellie had strawberry yogurt with lucky charms, nerds, and M&Ms. 


It was the perfect place to cool down after the park.  Plus, they let her sit in the birthday room (usually reserved for parties) so she was thrilled. (I told you she’s easy to please).

Once Rob got home we headed to Canterbury Downs for the horse races.  Riley’s choice.  She absolutely loves to see the horses, ride the horse machines, and if she’s lucky, pet the horses that walk by.


The kids all sat on this horse and easily rode it 5 times.  $1.25 well spent!

When Rob took Ellie and Austin to the giant park Riley instead requested to stand on the railing and watch the horses come by and she got to pet 3 of them.  She told me she was going to be a horse rider when she “growed up".

And she’s growing up too fast!  Already 4 and ready for preschool!

Happy Birthday to our sweet, stubborn, horse-loving baby girl!

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