Thursday, August 2, 2012

Full of Hot Air!

Tonight while I was at Target my neighbor called me and said “You just missed it!  A hot air balloon landed in our park!”.  So, I called Rob and told him to run the kids over to see it and he did.  When I got home Riley met me at the door and told me right away that she “saw a weel hot air balloon…a WEEL one!”  She also told me I needed to go see it so I picked her up (in her jammies) and started to walk towards it when another neighbor stopped and told me they were giving rides!  I went back to grab the other two kids (and Rob) and we all headed over.

We probably only had to wait about 10 minutes before we got our turn.  Riding in a hot air balloon is on my “list”.  So, Rob stayed back and I took the kids with me. 


It felt like we went higher and were up longer than the other people.  It was all part of my plan to engage the operator in conversation so he’d lose track of time and hang out up there longer!  Okay, so maybe it only gained us a few extra seconds, but it was worth it!

The basket it higher than I thought it would be so Austin could peek over the edge if he wanted to, but Riley and Ellie had to stand on the gas tank to get a look.  Ellie wasn’t too sure of the fire exploding in bursts over her head so she preferred to peak through the holes in the basket.


What a cool way to end the evening!  I don’t think I’ll cross it completely off me “list” since we were tethered to the ground but at least I now know how cool the real thing could be!

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Linda Rasmussen said...

How exciting for the kids (and you!) It's not every day you can do something like that, especially right in your own neighborhood.