Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Catch Up!

We have had a really busy couple of weeks around here and it doesn’t show signs of letting up for another couple of weeks.  I hate being so far behind on the blog and then posting things out of order so I’m just going to do a really quick catch up with some pictures.


  1. The guys (Rob, Jon, Dave, and Bob) headed to Boston this year to watch the Braves take on the Red Sox.  They took in quite a bit of history by walking the “Freedom Trail” as well as a JFK walking tour.  My favorite part of this picture is the kid in the background with 500 pieces of bubblegum in his mouth.
  2. We went out on the pontoon on the 4th of July with the Murphy’s and my parents and Aunt Gretchen to view fireworks.  As usual, there were quite a few displays to choose from.  And, as usual, the spiders hanging from the boat lift canopy scared the crap out of me.  Yuck.

  3. Ellie has been throwing up on a semi-regular basis.  Seems to be around the 11th of every month, but sometimes she throws in some random episodes to keep us on our toes.  No one else ever gets sick.  And it happens the same way every time.  Evening….then her eyes hurt….then she falls asleep…..then she wakes up and vomits and goes back to sleep.  It’s getting old for everyone involved.  The doctor appointment is next Wednesday and I’ve been keeping a diligent food log for her so hopefully we can skip a step and get closer to an answer.  In the meantime, the washing machine gets an extra workout.

  4. President Week was more popular amongst my kids than I thought it would be.  Too bad it was me regurgitating facts instead of their dad, who actually likes history.  Because, from me, they get weird facts like the presidents’ names for their pets (Sweet Lips!) and how old they were when they had all their teeth pulled.  Clearly retaining odd facts is genetic because after I finished my spiel on George Washington (which did include some normal history), the first thing Riley did was draw in his fake teeth. 

  5. Rob and I made some new patio furniture together.  I thought the table went together rather smoothly and was quite proud of what we accomplished.  When we went to put the stools together it was 110 degrees in our garage (I bet that isn’t exaggerated too much) and Rob tried to rip his thumb off with a drill bit (that is exaggerated) so he was done.  I made the other two stools on my own which I was proud of, but I do advise you to sit at your own risk.

  6. Mia came to visit!!!  Well, Mia, Chrissy, and Matt all came to visit, but I’m guessing you can figure out who was the most popular amongst my children!  Her arrival was very anti-climatic.  My kids were screaming “she’s here!!!” when she arrived and they ran outside to greet her, then she got out of the car, they all giggled and ran off to play.  We didn’t see them much for the next 3 days.  We had a lot of fun together and had the neighbors over for a get together their first night here.  Austin and Mia snuggled on the couch and watched a movie, but Mia had a little competition for Austin’s affection from Addie.  He played it cool.  Such a ladies man!

So, that sums up a lot of things.  Some important events happened in between there that will get their own blog post (Austin’s birthday!!), but at least now I feel a bit more caught up and you only had to read one post.  Win-win!

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Sheri said...

Hi Tracy,

I wonder if Ellie is having migraines. It's possible that the eye pain is the sign of the migraine. It's a pretty common one, and the throwing up would fit right in there too. Maybe something to think about when you talk to her doctor next week. If it is, I think that there are some new medications available that can be given as soon as she starts to feel the pain in her eyes that could put a stop to it. Give her a hug for me.