Sunday, July 15, 2012

Austin’s 7th Birthday!

Austin had a most memorable 7th birthday last weekend!  We started the celebration early because his best friend, Mia, was going to be in town on his actual birthday and we wanted to make sure he didn’t get lost in the shuffle of his big day.  So, Friday morning before Rob left for work we had him open up his presents (before he received breakfast in my bed…I’m not sure about this new request they all have…at the very least I might start placing them on Rob’s side!)


He was pretty excited with what he received.

In the end though, he returned his “big” present for a different Lego set that he really wanted.

For dinner, we headed to Lion’s Tap.  He originally chose McDonald’s but Rob and I steered him in a different direction with the promise of McDonald’s another day.  He’s only seven…he still needs guidance.

He was extremely excited for his actual birthday to arrive because not only was Mia in town, but his friends were all coming over for his Lego Birthday Party that afternoon!  I had a pretty good time planning this party, mostly due to all the great ideas on pinterest.  I took my friend, Michelle, with me to the Lego store at the Mall of America and I’m pretty proud of what we accomplished!

The goodie bags:


There were 6 friends coming and they all received this goodie bag with their nametag/keychain written in the Lego font.  Inside was:


Lego treats and a little car they could put together at home.  Michelle and I designed the car at the Lego store and were able to fit all the parts for 8 cars into a small “Pick a Brick” cup for $8! Woohoo!  We also picked up a set of these for each kid:


They’re free at the store and if you have a Lego lover and haven’t subscribed to this magazine you should.  It’s free and Austin LOVES them!

We also included some cute Ninjago necklaces I bought off Etsy and some Lego stickers.  I was pretty proud of the bags and their contents!

Not so proud of the cupcakes:


Austin wanted red frosting but I couldn’t get it red so I experimented with other color additions and he ended up with mauve cupcakes.  With Lego treats on it.  Really really ugly.  But, he was a good sport about it.

For the party, we started with a free build contest.  We brought down all of Austin’s Legos (separated by colors into bins) and the kids were given a certain amount of time to build anything they wanted.


Then we lined them up on a table and assigned them random numbers.  Once everyone was done, the kids voted (by whispering into my ear so no one was sad if they didn’t get votes) on whose they thought was best and that person won a prize.


First place went to Austin (far left) but since I wouldn’t let him win, Rob and I voted and went with the tree.  It was different.

After the free build, we played a Lego toss game.  Kind of like skee ball.  Minus the balls and ramp.  But the targets were the same and the kids were allowed to toss 5 Legos each.  The winner was whoever had the highest cumulative points.

After the Lego toss we went back to the table.  I gave each kid a handful of small Lego pieces, a straw, and a plate.  They had to move the Lego pieces onto their plate by sucking them onto the end of the straw and blowing them off onto the plate.  I said it was timed, but really I just said “times up” when one of the kids was almost out of pieces because I didn’t want to count out pieces to make sure everyone had the same number.

After that we sent them outside to play for a bit.  I cleaned up the games inside and gave everyone a cupcake, chips, and drink.  We forgot to sing Happy Birthday to Austin so we stuck a candle in his half done cupcake.  Better late than never.


We followed this up with presents and more play time outside and inside.  The party was only 2 hours, but I wasn’t sure it was ever going to end.  For some reason birthday parties feel like some crazy time warp in this house and seem to last 8 hours.

I think Austin had a pretty good time, and that’s what counts.  He’s still my super sweet little boy, even if he’s now 7.  *sigh*

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