Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July–West Bend

We just got back from our West Bend 4th of July celebration/Runchey Reunion.  As usual, we had a blast!

Everyone arrived on Friday afternoon and the kids got right down to business (playing and tearing apart Grandma’s toy corner in the basement).  The adults did a little bit of everything…baggo, cooking, drinking, watching kids, etc. 

Friday evening we all headed to the Grotto per the kids’ request.  They just love climbing around that place.  The town was getting ready for their 4th of July festivities so the kids all hopped on a trolley that was out for the parade.  It made a cute picture, but we’ll have to super impose Isaac.  I think he stayed back to watch some baseball with Grandpa.


I think it gets more fun every year for the kids as they all start to get into ages where they are interacting more and more.  Not counting halves, and “almosts”, the age breakdown goes something like this:


I’d be really surprised if I got that totally right, but it’s pretty close.  That’s Isaac in the yellow.  Don’t let his slim build fool you….he’s all muscle!

The Grotto is celebrating it’s 100th year this year (along with Oreos and Fenway Park…in case you were curious), so there was a cut out of Father Dobberstein sitting out by the bathrooms to take pictures with.  Or, at least that is what we did (quite a few times).


First up was Austin and I.


Then Shelly gave him some “knuckles” for his rock solid effort on the Grotto (ha ha- get it….”rock solid”….I’ll be here all week!)

But, the guy died in the 1950s so his black and white cutout just wasn’t realistic enough for us.  So, I tried some photoshopping:


It’s like they were actually there.  Sort of.

Anyway, once the kids were all asleep on Friday a handful of us headed up town to the street dance.  Rob said it would only be for a 1/2 hour.  I knew better than that but we all had a good time…until the next morning.  Kids still wake up too early.

Saturday we had a full day with the parade, jumpy castle things, swimming, and bingo.  Austin and I cleaned up at the bingo table!  $6!  Watch out Target…..Austin’s winnings are burning a hole in his pocket!

The parade was way better than last years.  It was 1000 degrees out so I was happy to see it lasted only a 1/2 hour.


The kids stayed busy running into the street gathering candy and dodging tractors, but after awhile even the allure of candy isn’t enough to get your mind off the heat.


The last few floats saved the day by handing out freezy pops but we were still glad to head back to the air conditioned house!

We had another great year in the Bend!  Next up is fireworks from the pontoon on Spring Lake!

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