Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Princess Training

This past Sunday was a gorgeous day and right after the kids and I picked up our usual weekend donuts, we decided to put out our new pool/waterslide.  They were outside playing on that slide by 9:30 in the morning!  They did not come inside until about 2pm!  We had a couple people come and visit us throughout the day and two of these people were Maddie and Jake.

They biked over to our house and my kids were ecstatic to have them there.  After about a half hour of them being there I noticed a mysterious envelope in our door.  It was addressed to Ellie and contained the following note:


As I read the letter to Ellie her jaw dropped open when she heard it was from Cinderella.  Then she screamed “I got a letter from Disney World!”.  To say she was excited is a drastic understatement.

When the kids finally came inside she went right to work figuring out the riddles.


Luckily, Maddie was there to help Ellie with the reading parts but Ellie knew every answer right away.

We have no idea how these letters are getting to our house…


…but Ellie sure is excited!  I think it was the first thing she told anyone she came in contact with the rest of that day!

I have one very lucky “princess in training”.

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Sue H said...

Oh, how I love it! Ellie is so lucky because I've heard Cinderella doesn't train very many new princesses each year. Congratulations, Ellie!