Friday, June 1, 2012

Kindergarten Here We Come (again)!

Last Wednesday was Ellie’s last day of preschool!  She had a fun-filled day in the classroom.  Afterwards, most of her class mates (and moms and a couple dads) all headed to the park and beach nearby to celebrate.  It started out a bit drizzly but ended up being a gorgeous day to be at the beach!

Wednesday night Ellie had her “Moving On” ceremony.  It started at 6:30.  Our family showed up at 5:50 and still ended up in the 4th row of the church!  I kind of expected as much but didn’t think I’d be able to entertain the kids for much more than a half hour.

As it turns out, my kids were highly entertained!


That’s Austin and Riley running across the stage in the background.  They did this for 20 minutes at least!  Having spent the whole day at the beach with Ellie’s classmates, Riley felt right at home with all the kids.

All of the kids moving on to kindergarten put together a nice little show for us.  They sang about 15 songs (each no longer than a minute). 


Ellie was well known in her class for singing her heart out.  In the picture above she is “boogy-ing on down”. 

After the songs, the teachers handed out certificates and announced what each child wanted to be when they grew up.  Ellie threw us for a loop.  A teacher, doctor, and princess have all been vocations she has expressed an interest in….but instead we were heard “And Ellie Runchey would like to be a firefighter when she grows up!”

She told me later that she told them she wanted to be a “firefighter princess”.  That sounded more like our little Ellie Bellie!


The night was capped off with an ice cream social.  I sure am proud of Ellie and her entire year of Preschool!  She is a great student and more importantly a very good friend to everyone.  She was lucky to have such a great group of kids and teachers surrounding her this year!


p.s. – I have no love for my camera since every picture was way too dark.  I also wish I could photoshop some eyes onto Ellie’s face!

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