Monday, June 4, 2012

First up–Rob

The birthday season is upon us!  First up was Rob!  He is officially in his mid-30s now!

Having just got back from another Florida trip for work, he took Friday, his birthday, off.  The kids and I let him sleep in (in our house 8am is sleeping in quite a bit!) and then we served him strawberry pancakes, OJ, and fruit in bed.  After breakfast he opened up his gifts before Austin got on the bus for school.  I was the scrooge that wouldn’t call him out of school early to have fun with us.  I figure he only has a few days left and then Rob could take off any old day and we can all hang out together.  Anyway, so after Austin got on the bus the rest of us headed to the zoo.

We mostly just walked the outside trails since it was such a beautiful day.  This year the MN Zoo is having an animatronic dinosaur exhibit.  We knew better than to see that without Austin along, but Rob and the girls did partake in a camel ride!


It’s not every year you get to ride a camel on your birthday!  I figured since it holds three if Austin was really upset then him and I could ride it together later this summer.  As it turns out, he didn’t really care.

We stopped for one more picture on our way out of the zoo.


After the zoo we went to Chipotle for lunch (Rob’s favorite).  When Austin got home from school we went to his favorite clothing store because his parents gift was burning a hole in his pocket.  We followed that up with a trip to the kids favorite park (generous of the birthday boy!) and then headed home for Rob’s favorite pizza and a movie night.

All in all, I think he’d say it was a pretty good birthday!

Next up….Ellie on Thursday!

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