Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ellie is 5!!!

She has been for a week!  But, it was a busy week, so I’m just getting down to business now.

Ellie woke up and wanted breakfast in bed!  Actually, breakfast in our bed so she could watch TV while she ate.  She wanted cinnamon and sugar toast and juice.  My side of the bed was looking a little crunchy after she was done.

Everyone woke up early enough for her to open her presents before Rob left for work!  And just in case you were curious, Ellie is:


My sweet little 5 year old was very specific on her present requests.  She wanted a real guitar, harmonica, accordion, and a flute because she wants to be a rock star!  (I guess that makes her a princess fireman rock star)  What rock star doesn’t need an accordion?


Pink guitar….check!

She was pretty excited and pulled it out right away to compose a ballad called “It’s my Birthday”.

After breakfast she requested a trip to Chutes and Ladders (the giant park in Bloomington).  My kids are finally old enough that I can tolerate that place in small doses.  But when bus loads of kids start to arrive from various summer camps, then I’m done.  For lunch we had her favorite corn dog nuggets.  But the real treat was dinner at Chuck E. Cheese! 

Her friend party was this past Saturday.  Ellie decided she wanted a Pinkalicious birthday party.  Pinkalicious is a cute character from a series of books Ellie likes.  But, in the end, we just went with a general pink theme.  When the birthday guests arrived we had them guess the number of pink starbursts in a jar (closest wins the starbursts).  And then I had tables set up with a coloring activity:


While they were coloring and waiting for everyone to arrive, I pulled each girl aside and they got to get dressed up in silly pink items for a picture:


Once everyone had arrived and I had all the pictures taken, I sent Rob (and Austin) to get them developed right away.  Meanwhile, my mom stayed behind to help me with the rest of the party.  Unfortunately, sending Rob with the camera to get pictures developed left me with no camera so pictures are scarce here in the middle of the party.

  We split into two groups and played a game where I put 20 small pink items on a tray.  All the girls crowded around and checked out the tray for 1 minute and then reported back to their assigned adults to see which group could remember the most pink items (as a side note, Ellie has enough pink items to play this game 20 times with a different trayful each time).  The winning group got to pick which craft they wanted to do first.  I tried to stay away from having a prize winner because I didn’t want anyone sad about not winning.  The girls each got to make two crafts 1) a bracelet with pink beads and 2) a pink picture frame with jewels. 

After crafting it was time for snacks!


Pink popcorn, pink cupcakes, and pink lemonade!

Once Rob was back, we headed out back for the piñata.  This piñata was indestructible.


Each girl had at least 4 or 5 tries at cracking it with an aluminum bat (and there are quite a few sluggers in her class!) and there wasn’t even a crack.  So, we let Austin have a few swings at it….maybe a small crack now.  Time was running out so we had Rob swing at it and it even took him two hits.  Good thing because I didn’t want to have to step in and show them all how it was done!

Once everyone had their fill of sugar, we headed back inside to open gifts.


And capped off the day with a little extra outdoor play time!


The girls went home with a fairy mask they colored, bracelet, picture frame (with their silly pink pictures in them!), candy, pink bubblegum and a bagful of various pink trinkets.  I have one happy 5 year old on my hands!

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