Sunday, June 3, 2012

Como Zoo was a Zoo!

I joined Austin’s first grade class at the Como Zoo on Wednesday.  Well, his class and what felt like the rest of the Minnesota schools trying to squeeze in one last field trip!  I rode down on the bus with the kids (a couple parents had to drive).  Two things:  1)  the drive from Shakopee to St. Paul is very long   2)  things shake on a bus that I guarantee you did not shake when I was in elementary school.  I was considering a face lift by the time we got there.

Right when we got to the zoo we were corralled into a conference room where someone discussed the animals of Africa for an hour.  Once that presentation was over we were split into groups and given 1 hour to see the zoo.  I was assigned Austin, his good friend Ajay, and another classmate, Jesse.  I felt pretty lucky with the kids I was assigned.  I did notice that all the groups of girls walked around the zoo holding hands and stayed on the side walks.  Whereas the boys (my group included) participated in what I call “freestyle walking”.  No sidewalks for these guys.  They got from point A to point B by leaping off boulders and jumping off walls.  I can’t say I saw many animals.  I was mostly doing a constant head count and requesting the boys to not lean over railings meant to keep you out of the lions territory.


Once our hour was up we headed back to the busses where we enjoyed our picnic lunches.  After lunch it was back on the bus.  Only, I talked to a couple of the moms who drove themselves to the zoo and scored a ride back with them rather than subjecting myself to the torture of the bus ride again.

It was a beautiful day to be at the zoo, even if we had to share it with all the surrounding schools.  Only 3 days of school left for Austin!

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