Friday, May 11, 2012

Rub Some Dirt in It!

My kids have always been a little bit dramatic with minor injuries.  Skipping naps for days in a row only exacerbates the experience.

Fast forward to yesterday at the park.  We met one of Ellie’s preschool friends there for a little playtime on a beautiful day.  Riley woke up on Thursday morning pretty much needing a nap so I knew I was potentially setting myself up for a disastrous time but hoping the magic of a picnic and playtime at a park would get us through without incident.

They played really well for the first hour and then Riley started to get a bit clingy and whiny.  I gave her some snuggles and sent back out to the playground for another round of fun.  Then I heard the wail and my ears perked because I knew that cry was coming from my kid.  I found Riley and she was crying, but she was crying like an overly tired kid, not like a kid who was horribly hurt, or even minorly hurt.  She sat in my lap for a little bit and then I urged her to “get back in there” as we would be leaving in 10 minutes anyway.  She went…reluctantly.

It wasn’t until we got home from the park that I noticed her nose was a little red.  Huh.  I guess she did smack it pretty good.  This morning it looks like this:


I’m no photographer so what I didn’t capture was the little bit of black and blue under her eyes too. 

I’m feeling a little bit guilty for blowing the incident off assuming it was her dramatic side coming through.  But, she seems no worse for wear so I’ll shake it off and get back in there too.

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